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Hockey - WINTER 2023

Description & Rules:

Games are 50 minutes, with a 5-minute warm-up, and a 45-minute running clock. Ice is flooded after every game. Regular hockey rules. No body contact is allowed. Helmets with a full-face mask & neck collar are mandatory. The ice hockey schedule is played over the course of the fall & winter semesters.  

The game follows standard Hockey Canada regulations. Provided refs will call icing, penalties and offsides as they see fit. All penalties are 3 minutes running clock in the box, or a penalty shot if deemed appropriate. Hockey Club members cannot form an entire team. Teams are responsible for providing their own jerseys. Pucks will be provided by the official. Hockey is an exception and requires a $500 league fee. Ice hockey`s league fee will cover the cost of ice rental & certified referees.


Registration Cost:

CAD $500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

Registration Deadline:

Friday, January 20th, 2023

Captain's Meeting:

Thursday, January 1st, 1970 @ 0:00 AM

Starting Date:

October 17, 2022 0:00 AM

Playing Days:


Minimum Number of Teams Required:

4 Teams

Maximum Number of Teams:

6 Teams

Team Registration:

Only team captains may register. Individuals without teams who are interested in playing on a team must attend the captain's meeting to be placed on one.

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IMPORTANT: Team names containing language deemed vulgar or inappropriate will be declined.